Patient Stories: Thoracic Surgery

Our patients inspire us to continue to provide the best cardiac and vascular care in Central Massachusetts. Learn why our patients choose UMass Memorial Health Care.

Patients Choose UMass Memorial for Thoracic Surgery in Central Massachusetts

"When my doctor discovered I had bilateral lung nodules and obstructive airway disease, he referred me to a thoracic surgeon at my local community hospital, HealthAlliance Hospital [a member of UMass Memorial Health Care]. Because of my diagnosis, combined with my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes, the surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Graeber, did not think I was an ideal candidate for surgery. But after much thought, together we decided to go ahead with a two-phase lung surgery, first at UMass Memorial Medical Center and then back at HealthAlliance, close to my home. My surgery was curative and I did not require chemotherapy or radiation. It has made a huge difference in my life. I take better care of myself and have returned to my normal routine. And I continue to see physicians at HealthAlliance."
Andrew B., Leominster, MA

"I underwent surgery for stage 1B lung cancer at UMass Memorial and my experience with the thoracic team was fantastic. My surgeon, Dr. Karl Uy, was incredibly professional. I had complete confidence in him. My medical team took excellent care of me, helping me overcome some challenges. I knew I was being taken care of and would be returning home cancer-free. As I continue my rehabilitation, I'm confident that my surgeon, my nurse practitioner and other members of the team will be there to support me. They're in this with me and won't give up on me."
Beverly H., Auburn, MA

"When my primary care physician found a lung nodule, I went to UMass Memorial to have it treated. My physician, Dr. Karl Uy, determined I had stage 1A non-small cell lung cancer and recommended surgery. He explained everything and spent as much time with me as I needed. I felt like I was his only concern right then and there, and that nothing else mattered. Luckily, Dr. Uy was able to remove the whole tumor, essentially curing me completely. I did not have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. I now receive CT scans and chest x-rays and am approaching my two-year anniversary cancer-free. Overall, considering that I had lung cancer, I had a very positive experience at UMass Memorial."
Janice D., Worcester, MA

"Throughout my time as a patient with cancer at UMass Memorial Medical Center, I've never had a doubt that I was receiving the absolute best care possible. Equally as important was the fact that I was treated with dignity and respect by every surgeon, doctor, nurse and staff “
Ann C., Shrewsbury, MA