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Telephone Directory

Connecting All Departments

Fitchburg Campus: 978-343-5000
Clinton Campus: 978-368-3000
Leominster Campus: 978-466-2000

Emergency Department

Clinton Campus ED Registration Desk: 978-368-3850
Clinton Campus ED: 978-368-3860
Leominster ED Registration Desk: 978-466-2741
Leominster Campus: 978-466-2451

Urgent Care

Leominster Campus: 978-466-8820 

Admitting/Patient Registration   

Leominster Campus: Admitting/ Patient Registration: 978-466-2730
Outpatient Registration, Leominster and Fitchburg: 978-466-2732   
Radiology Registration Desk, Leominster: 978-466-2669
Same Day Surgery Registration Desk, Leominster: 978-466-2900


Other Departments at Fitchburg, Leominster and Clinton Campuses

Department Telephone number
Administration: Fitchburg, Clinton, Leominster Campuses 978-466-2000
Billing: Fitchburg, Clinton, Leominster Campuses 978-665-6700
Cancer Center 978-343-5048
Cardiac Rehabilitation 978-466-2431
Community Health and Education: Fitchburg and Leominster Campuses 978-466-2341
Community Health Education: Clinton Campus 978-368-3761
Development Office: Fitchburg and Leominster Campuses 978-466-2258
Diabetes Education 978-466-4580
Finance 978-870-1500
Financial Counseling: Fitchburg and Leominster Campuses 978-466-2329
Financial Counseling: Clinton Campus 978-368-3894
Find a Doctor: Fitchburg, Clinton and Leominster Campuses 855-UMASS-MD (855-862-7763)
Geriatric Medical Psychiatry Program: Clinton Campus 978-368-3838
Gift Shop: Clinton Campus 978-368-3820
Gift Shop: Leominster Campus 978-466-2775
Human Resources: Leominster and Fitchburg Campuses 978-466-4748
Human Resources: Clinton Campus 978-368-3897
Home Health and Hospice 978-728-0621
Infusion Center 978-343-5560
Interpreter Services: Clinton, Fitchburg and Leominster Campuses 978-466-4077 (TTY 711)
Laboratory: Fitchburg Campus 978-343-5030
Laboratory: Clinton Campus 978-368-3770
Laboratory: Leominster Campus 978-466-2850
Marketing/Communications: Fitchburg, Clinton, Leominster Campuses 978-466-4094
MRI: Fitchburg Campus 978-343-5787
MRI: Leominster Campus 978-466-2725
Medical Records: Fitchburg and Leominster Campuses 978-466-2805
Medical Records: Clinton Campus 978-368-3801
Medical Staff Office: Leominster Campus 978-466-2564
Occupational Health: Leominster Campus 978-466-2060
Outpatient Clinics: Fitchburg and Leominster Campuses 978-343-5045
Outpatient Clinic: Clinton Campus 978-368-3761
Pharmacy: Clinton Campus 978-368-3790
Pharmacy: Leominster Campus 978-466-2530
Physical/Occupational Therapy 978-343-5015
Physician Referral Services: Fitchburg, Clinton and Leominster Campuses 800-431-5151
Pulmonary Function Lab (PFT) 978-466-2840
Purchasing 978-466-2512
Radiology: Fitchburg Campus 978-343-5087
Radiology: Clinton Campus  978-368-3737
Radiology: Leominster Campus 978-466-2685
Rehabilitation Services: Clinton Campus 978-368-3740
Respiratory Therapy: Clinton Campus 978-368-5095
Respiratory Therapy: Leominster Campus 978-466-2838
Same Day Surgery: Leominster Campus 978-466-2900
Social Services/Case Management: Clinton Campus 978-368-3728
Social Services/Case Management: Fitchburg and Leominster Campuses  978-466-2890
Speech, Language, Hearing 978-343-5005
Surgical Services 978-466-2900
TTY: Clinton Campus  978-365-6022
TTY: Leominster Campus 978-537-8797
Volunteer Services: Fitchburg, Clinton and Leominster Campuses 978-466-2778